Non-Profit Group and New Business Promotional Online Video Packages

Package 1

Infomercial / Telemercial – $500.00 / 30min. program

Your choice of a 30min. made-for-television Infomercial (studio interview or presentation, with b-roll video* of your business or non-profit operations) or a Telemercial (non-profit groups, only).

Telemercial – Like a Telethon but without the celebrity phone bank, a Telemercial combines live entertainment (in studio) with an interview (with your chosen executive) all about your mission, your success stories and your current projects and fundraising goals. A donation phone number and your website will both be displayed on screen throughout the program.

Once produced both the Infomercial and Telemercial will be edited for television and as an internet video. Television broadcast time must be purchased separately. As a member of CAPS Ch 6 in Ventura Barrett Productions has the option of submitting your program for airing on local public television in Ventura but cannot legally sell you the broadcast time. You will have permission, however,  to purchase broadcast time on other networks for your program.

Please inquire about Infomercial & Telemercial production by email to

Package 2

Political Campaign Programs – $500.00 / 30min. program

Candidate Interview program hosted by anyone you would like to work with. In studio. Existing online (Youtube only) video clips may be used (under ‘Incidental Use’ law) but not entire programs or interviews. Editing of those clips will incur additional editing charges. Candidate Debates are already produced by CAPS Ch6 for anyone seeking a position on the Ventura City Council or School Board.

For issue-based programs the same fee applies if you are promoting an issue that has qualified as a voter initiative on an upcoming ballot or if the issue has made it onto any major public signature-gathering website (CredoAction,,, etc.).

Both your website and the website where viewers can go to sign your initiative or statement will be displayed on screen. Same broadcast terms apply as with the Infomercial & Telemercial productions (above).

*Video b-roll may be inserted if you have any. If not you may order separate b-roll video production services. 4hrs of b-roll video included with the above packages (in the Ventura county area). Email a request for on-location b-roll filming and we will let you know how many hours of filming will be involved & will supply you with a quote for any additional b-roll filming not covered by the production package you have chosen.

Please inquire about Political Campaign productions by email to

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