Sponsor Form

Please copy/paste the below form into a word file, print out & fill out the form with an ink pen, scan the completed form into your computer and send as an attached file to barrettproductions@sbcglobal.net. After reviewing your order form you will be contacted about payment options and with pre-production instructions. Once payment is received we will commence with the scheduling of your video work. Thank you for your interest in Barrett Productions services.

Sponsorship Order Form

(the top 2 lines appear on screen. Please copy/paste/save/print for your records, then scan/return the completed form)

Company / Sponsor / Donor Name ______________________________________________________

Website (optional) ;_________________________________________________________________

Administrator Title;___________________________________________________________________

Administrator Email Address_____________________________________________________________

Administrator Telephone Number_______________________________________________ext._______

Please select program(s) you’d like to sponsor from the list below;

____   Destination Ventura (local events, locations of interest in Ventura County)*

____   Gardens of Ventura County (community, private & commercial gardens & growers, Farmer’s Markets,
local nurseries & landscape designers, low-water/water-capturing gardens & landscapes, organic gardens)*

____   Non-Series Specials (any program produced throughout the year that is not part of any of the above programs.

____   The Surf & River Report (environmental news & interviews from the local watershed & surrounding areas)

Please select from the following Sponsorship Levels;

____    Silver Level Sponsorship Package ($200.00 per episode, 5 episode min. order).

_____  Gold Level Sponsorship Package ($400.00 per episode, 5 episode min. order).

_____  Bronze Level Sponsorship: $100 per Episode (min. 10 episodes).

*All DVDs are for personal review only & are not for sale, resale, distribution or internet uploading. All content viewable online through the Youtube channel Ventura Events & on the Barrett Productions website www.venturaevents.com. Website banner advertisements available.

“On behalf of myself and the company/agency/family trust I represent, we would like to purchase the above-selected sponsorship package.”

_____________________    X________________________________________________________________
Date                                                 Signature of Authorizing Agent

Business Email Address of Authorizing Agent;__________________________________________________

Please make all checks payable to: Barrett Prouctions. Mailing address provided upon receipt of sponsorship agreement/order form.

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Please complete the above order form and save as a .pdf file. Once completed, please email the completed contract to;


                                                    Additional Sponsorship Information

Each sponsorship package is for a min. of 5 episodes, payable in advance. You will be contacted at least 6wks in advance regarding renewing your sponsorship of your program.

Please indicate your level of sponsorship interest. To complete your order & get payment instructions simply copy/paste above (completed) order  form (as a .pdf file) in an email to barrettproductions@sbcglobal.net.

Once payment is received for the order you’ll receive a confirmation email for your records and regular updates about viewing opportunities for your programs, internet video hits. All that good stuff.

Rates subject to change. All sponsors will be contacted 6wks prior to the expiration of their sponsorship period with an option to renew your sponsorship package or upgrade. Extended period and multi-program sponsorship discounts offered.

Please address any questions you may have to;   barrettproductions@sbcglobal.net