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Local Television Series Sponsorship Packages

General Information

The same rates (below) apply to all of the following series of local television programs produced by Barrett Productions. Each sponsorship package is for a min. of 5 episodes of any one show. Extended sponsorship discounts offered or for sponsoring more than one program.

Many episodes appear in their entirety on our Youtube channels VenturaEvents and The Surf and River Report (free of charge). Please inquire by email about custom videos from individual episodes for internet streaming and/or commercial use. DVD packages also available (by special order). Please address all inquiries to

Programs in Production

Destination Ventura – Select Businesses that typify Ventura, Special Events* & Non-Profit Groups, Local Landmarks and Points of Interest (County Parks, State Parks, various Tourist Attractions, etc.). Hosted by Dr. G.L. Huddleston, Dean of Fine & Performing Arts (Ventura College). Includes Destination Ventura College performing arts specials. To view Destination Ventura episodes please visit  The Destination Ventura website

Gardens of Ventura County – Select community, private and public gardens, commercial growing operations, local nurseries, local garden & river trail tours, etc. Various expert guests & hosts.

The Surf & River Report – Environmental reports & features incl. tours of local coastal & riparian wildlife habitats with plant & wildlife experts. In-studio interview episodes feature exquisite photos & video clips provided by our special guests. To view past episodes of The Surf & River Report please visit

*We also produce a number of independent special event programs for public television throughout the year that offer sponsorship opportunities and we can produce your private or corporate event as a television program or in any video format that you desire. Please email all requests for custom work to


Level One Sponsorship Package (Gold Level) includes;

Company (or Family Trust) Logo appearing at the beginning of each episode (with narrator’s voice); “the following program is made possible by a  generous grant from the (name of company or family trust).”

Repeat of the above credit at the conclusion of each episode (narrative in past-tense “the preceding program was made possible by….”

Printed credits in the ‘special thanks’ section of the credits

A high-quality streaming Youtube video of the episode with sponsor credits viewable at the end of the videos.

Permission to link the Youtube videos of the episodes to any internet website, email announcement or use in any electronic advertisement campaign.*

Priority consideration if donor suggests any particular individual or company to feature in an episode of either program*

A DVD collection of each episode (at the conclusion of the funded season of programs)

Permission to link episode Youtube videos to your website, email announcements and social network pages

*additional editing services required to use portions of any episode. No editing license is granted to 3rd party editors.

Gold Level Sponsorship; $400.00 per Episode (min. 5 episodes).


Level Two Sponsorship Package (Silver Level) includes;

Company, Individual Donor or Family Trust mention in the credits at the conclusion of each program

Priority consideration if donor suggests any particular individual or company to feature in an episode of either program* (see disclaimer above)

Permission to link episode Youtube videos to your website, email announcements and social network pages

Silver Level Sponsorship: $200 per Episode (min. 5 episodes).


Level Three Sponsorship Package (Bronze Level) includes;

Company, Individual in the credits at the conclusion of each program (incl. website by request only)

Permission to link episode Youtube videos to your website, email announcements and social network pages

One DVD for personal/archival purposes, only*

Bronze Level Sponsorship: $100 per Episode (min. 10 episodes).


Public Television Broadcasting Policy

Barrett Productions does not sell or trade broadcast time for any reason. Ch 6 Ventura is public television service. Commercial purchases of broadcast slots are not allowed on Ch 6. Producer may choose to cover anyone or any company they choose on an episode but they cannot sell broadcast time to any entity in exchange for sponsorship of the programs. Sponsorship funds the production of the episodes & Youtube videos, only. Public television broadcasting is at the discretion of each network & is free community service available to members of the respective public television system in each area.

*All DVDs are for personal review only & are not for sale, resale, distribution or internet uploading. All content viewable online through the Youtube channel VenturaEvents & on the Barrett Productions website Website banner advertisements available. Inquire for pricing information at

To order, please copy/paste the following order form to a word document. Then save the document as a .pdf file and email to the address provided below.

—————————   (Highlight/Save the following to your computer) ————————

                                                       Sponsorship Agreement

(the top 2 lines appear on screen. Please copy/paste/save/print for your records)

Company / Sponsor / Donor Name ______________________________________________________

Website (optional) ;_________________________________________________________________

Administrator Title;___________________________________________________________________

Administrator Email Address_____________________________________________________________

Administrator Telephone Number_______________________________________________ext._______

Please select program(s) you’d like to sponsor from the list below;

____   Destination Ventura (local events, locations of interest in Ventura County)*

____   Gardens of Ventura County (community, private & commercial gardens & growers, Farmer’s Markets, local nurseries & landscape designers, low-water/water-capturing gardens & landscapes, organic gardens)*

____   Non-Series Specials (any program produced throughout the year that is not part of any of the above programs.

____   The Surf & River Report (environmental news & interviews from the local watershed & surrounding areas)

Please select from the following Sponsorship Levels;

____    Silver Level Sponsorship Package ($200.00 per episode, 5 episode min. order).

_____  Gold Level Sponsorship Package ($400.00 per episode, 5 episode min. order).

_____  Bronze Level Sponsorship: $100 per Episode (min. 10 episodes).

Promotional & Educational DVD Packages available. Inquire at

“On behalf of myself and the company/agency/family trust I represent, we would like to purchase the above-selected sponsorship package.”

_______________________        x___________________________________________________________                                                     Date                                                  Signature of Authorizing Agent

Business Email Address (of Authorizing Agent);__________________________________________________

Please make all checks payable to Barrett Productions. Address provided upon receipt of Sponsorship Agreement.

————————————————- (End of printable contract section) ———————————————

Please print, fill out, scan & save the completed Sponsorship Agreement as a .pdf or .jpeg file. Please email the completed contract (as an email attachment) to;                                                    

Additional Sponsorship Information

Each sponsorship package is for a min. of 5 episodes, payable in advance. You will be contacted at least 6wks in advance regarding renewing your sponsorship of your program.

Once your Sponsorship Agreement form has been received you will receive payment instructions. Once your payment is received you’ll receive a confirmation email for your records, along with viewing instructions for the programs you are sponsoring. Viewership data is not provided by Ch 6 but you’ll see exactly how many times your program is being aired by visiting the link provided (to the network’s online schedule & past schedules). Youtube does post actual viewing numbers for any given video uploaded.

Rates subject to change. All sponsors will be contacted 6wks prior to the expiration of their sponsorship period with an option to renew your sponsorship package or upgrade. Extended period and multi-program sponsorship discounts offered.

Please address any questions you may have to;

Thank you for supporting Barrett productions.

(c)2014 Barrett Productions, Ventura, Ca.