Music, Foley & Sound Effects

We have access to Musicians, Arrangers/Composers & Foley/Sound Effects professionals to assist you with all of your production needs in these areas.       Rates vary depending on the amount of work your project requires. With the exception of royalty-free music available in the Ch 6 television studio audio library, these services are not included as part of our television & video production packages.

Audio library tracks are chosen at the producer’s discretion unless you are near Ventura, Ca. and care to come to the studio and peruse the vast audio catalog of available music tracks.

If you are interested in purchasing a complete production package we will be happy to include any music of your choice that you have obtained license (from the copyright owner of the music) for use of their music (for your specific purposes).

Please send all of your requests for Musicians, Arrangers/Composers & Foley/Sound Effects services to;

You will receive a reply with an estimate for services within 2 business days.